Pizza Tramp – Grand Relapse


One of our favourite bands around, Welsh punk rockers PIZZA TRAMP bring us their latest offering in GRAND RELAPSE, released 5th April.


So, how does this new album stand against their previous releases? Read on to find out more…


Since we first heard Pizza Tramp a couple of years ago, we became hooked on their catchy, fast-paced music and comedy-laden lyrics. Classic tracks such as “My backs fucking fucked”, “Town Clown” and “Bono’s a cunt” have been blasted out our car stereo on many road trips. So, will this new release stand out against these classics…


… Well, the short answer is yes… The long answer is FUCK YEAH! From our first listen on the release date, you can hear that, even though this is their first release since Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan back in mid 2017, this is just as fast and ferocious as ever! Unleasing the first track Captain Sea Org feels like you have been hit in the face with a brick (after a brief audio clip), Follow that up with the comical Millions of dead goths and then blasted in the face with He’s gone full Mitchell! As with all their other releases, their is no rest as it smashes through track after track filled with banter and wit. 

However, while comical lyrics are high on the agenda, they are never afraid of launching something that is a lot more to the point. Stop Being A Racist Cunt does just that and shows that there is a lot more to these lads than just having a laugh. 

Want to go check out the album? Click on the album cover above.