Philipp Muller – Defused Holocaust.



So when people said that punk was dead… it would appear that message never made it over to Germany…

So, PR mag caught up with Philipp Muller, lead singer of German punk band Defused Holocaust, to get the low down on life in the band and where it all started for him…




PR – Hey bro, how’s it going?

Philipp – Hey, I’m fine, I’m a bit excited this is my first interview

PR – How’s things going in the Defused Holocaust camp?

Philipp – At the moment it’s really great, we’re working on new songs and found a great new guitarist for our band. Now it can start again with a few gigs.

PR – Got anything coming up?

Philipp – Yeah, new songs and we’re working on an album that we’ll try to release this year. We’re also going to do some concerts in the near future but no big festivals.

PR – Who writes the songs for band?

Philipp – The lyrics are written by me and our guitarist David. My English is not the best, so it’s better if we split that up.

PR – Where do you get your influence from?

Philipp – Musically, we’re influence from many genres. A little bit old school punk / hardcore, modern hardcore, streetpunk and so on. Sometimes a song is heavier, sometimes more melodic. We do not really commit ourselves to a specific genre musically, we cannot say exactly what kind of music we do when someone asks us. The influences in the lyrics..hmmm, there are many things to write about. It’s not always the standard punk attitude like ”Fuck cops, fascism and capitalism” as we also often write about personal things. Life is not always easy: you lose your big love, friends and family are not forever, because someday everyone has to go. You often have problems with yourself and you ask yourself who you actually are. I’m no longer the riot punk like I was 16 years old and I know that too. And we often write about many things that are just going wrong in this world.

PR – Growing up, what bands did you listen to and what got you in to punk music?

Philipp – At first I heard almost only German punk. Bands like ZSK, Fahnnenflucht, Schleimkeim, Knochenfabrik and many German punk samplers. I’d like the aggression, and frustration, and to be anti. I was able to identify myself with the lyrics and that has often pushed me.

PR – What’s your favourite gig that you have been to see?

Philipp – Ohhh that’s a tough question. I honestly cannot decide on a best gig. I love both, big shows at festivals and small shows in fucked up clubs. The best big show are sharing Antiflag at the Vainstream Festival and Feine Sahne Fischfilet in the Rostock city hall At the small shows I cannot decide at all, there were too many.

PR – What’s your favourite gig that you have played?

Philipp – My favourite gig was in the “Abstand” club in Berlin Friedrichshain. It was such a great fucking night. So much fun and punk.

PR – Has anything weird ever happened at one of your bands gigs?

Philipp – There are already a few funny things happened. A boy with a bikini on stage, the police have surrounded the club. drunk blackouts all over the gig. One night we’ve lost our drummer and many other drunken funny things have happened.

PR – Why should people check out Defused Holocaust?

Philipp – I don’t know, I would never say: Hey you have to check out our band, because of this and that, but if anyone is up for DIY HC-Streetpunk from Germany check us out.

PR – What was the first album you bought (No cheating, be honest)?

Philipp – My first album I bought for myself was “from protest to resistance” by the german band “ZSK”

PR – What’s your favourite thing to do when you are chilling out?

Philipp – I like to meet friends and hang out with a beer in the city or go to concerts and other parties.

PR – What’s your favourite food?

Philipp – My absolute favorite food is a doner kebab.

PR – What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Philipp – oh octopus is so terrible.

PR – Are you good at any sports?

Philipp – Yes, I do a lot of sports, mainly skateboarding, Thai boxing and then just going to the gym.

PR – Do you have an embarrassing story of something you have done or something that has happened when you were drunk or out partying?

Philipp – Yes, the funniest experience was in my youth. I dropped out drunk and forgot to turn on the light and closed the door. Somehow I fell asleep and when I woke up everything was dark and I thought I’d become blind. I asked myself how to explain this to my parents. But I was trapped in the toilet . Then I hit the door and after a while my mother turned on the light outside and I was redeemed.

PR – If you could give one bit of advice to our readers, what would it be?

Philipp – Actually, I don’t like giving advice to people I do not know. But people, no matter where you come from, whether you have more money or less, which skin colour you have, how your family is. It depends on which way you go, how you take yourself, many people eat dirt..some more some less. Don’t look back how terrible your life was, look ahead and ask yourself what else you can do in your life. Do it yourself!



As a footnote, sadly since the interview, Defused Holocaust have decided to part ways at the end of 2019. If you get chance, and live in Germany, go check out one of their final shows that they have up on their Facebook page!

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